DIGITAL PR: Understanding the basics.

In this blog, we’re going to highlight on digital public relations, the new age PR.  What it entails, the benefits of having a digital PR strategy and how Advocado Africa is leveraging this PR strategy to help African companies grow and manage their brands.

What is Digital PR?

Believe it or not nowadays, your brand reputation is vital to building trustworthiness and loyalty among potential clients. That’s why it is imperative when it comes to running a successful business, adding digital PR to your outreach strategy is a win for your brand and your bottom line.

Digital PR is by far one of the best digital marketing tools used to build a brand’s image, expanding the online reach as well as harnessing customer loyalty. It is blurred between digital marketing, social media and SEO in other words digital PR practitioners work on:

  1. Search engine optimization.
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social media and
  4.  Influencer marketing, for brands to reach and impact much broader audiences.

In other words, Digital PR is strategically planned activities using internet-based tools, methods and channels to achieve and increase online presence and visibility. It goes where traditional media can’t go, bringing brands to where people are.

Benefits of Digital PR:

  1. Direct and two-way communication that is not limited by time or location. News and information spread faster and more effectively.
  2. Create and build strong relationship with your audience, your customers connect with you and keep track of all your business activities.
  3. Brand awareness. Consumers love to buy from brands they are familiar with, digital PR enables you to connect with them on channels they are already using.
  4. On brand image, managing your online reputation can make your brand become a trailblazer and increase visibility.
  5. Digital PR services and strategies, when done right, help to create a relatable story driven by actual customer experiences, capitalizing on reviews, testimonials and influencer support to build trust in your brand.

Here at Advocado Africa, we love what we do, we love shaping conversations, help our clients tell their stories, engaging with the media, promoting our clients’ value and evaluate the results. We mainly focus on our continent of Africa, emerging markets and we endeavor to produce hyper-targeted, relevant digital campaigns for our clients.

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